Oct. 28th, 2014

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My VPS died a week or so ago, and I havn't had time to get back to it until today. I wanted to drive forward using a more modern approach to configuration management, so I cooked up a Docker image with Apache serving the static sites (much like I did the old VPS configuration).


In order to do this:

- diddle DNS with network solutions away from VPS to my DigitalOcean box.

- diddle DNS with Gandi ( a classier provider)

- figure out which user can log onto a digitalocean coreOS box.

- upload docker image to dockerhub

- learn that my custom static site generator Volt never was in a stable state when I generated pnathan.com. pnathan.com is now only a collection of markdown files.

- figure out systemd enough to get docker running on boot

- fix pnathan.com to have a derpy page but not an apache index

- I bounce Jenkins and find out that Jenkins is *now* crashing the jvm somehow, thus dropping my ability to keep my network sane i.e., my regularly scheduled ansible run.

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