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I've "relaunched" faegernis.

It used to be my personal site, but you know how hard it is to spell out faegernis to people? Too hard. Anyway -

Perhaps about 18 months ago I had the idea of "code as art". In particular, is it possible to consider code as art without reference to extant art forms (poetry, visual designs)? Some hold that obfuscated code (IOCC) is an art, but I'm not looking for crafty work, I'm looking for Art.

Another way to think about it is - what makes Quicksort and Floyd-Warshall's algorithms so beautiful?

Or, what if Quicksort and Floyd-Warshall's algorithm represent a minimalist aesthetic best suited to the Modernist conceptions (e.g., Apple hardware design taste), and other equally viable aesthetics for code exist, such as baroque & rococo aesthetic?

I want to explore these ideas with faegernis. I don't know where I'm going to land or how I'm going to get there, but I think it's something that needs doing.
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