Jan. 8th, 2014

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I'm a *huge* fan of Mozilla Rust the programming language. The short reason is that it's a powerfully typed language with optional garbage collection & ability to call into unsafe code.

I have a playground of data structures (flaky data structures, get the pun? ha ha). I've roughly kept it maintained for about a year now & updated some of it recently to Rust on master.

Wow. So change compared to Rust 0.6.

* No more @ pointer. Now it's rc::Rc, .borrow(), and .clone(). Really tedious.

* Total confusion on my part on how to build traits for things that wind up being rc:Rc'd. Still have no idea. I'll need to sort this out with #rust at some point.

* match(ref foo, ref bar, ref baz) is new. Argh!

Other than that, there are a few oddities but nothing catastrophically weird. Although it was vaguely amusing writing myself an infinite loop by accident, I was able to get the linked list and circular buffers compiling.

Next time I'm looking for low-stress coding & debugging, I'll fix up the binary tree and start work on a 1-dimensional range tree (Data structure #1 in Samet's multi-dimensional data structures book).
pnathan: elephant bypasses fence to drink from pool (Default)
I've been doing Objective C development at work and it spilled out this last week (oh noes) in a Valentine's Day program at home for my wife - sort of an e-greeting card program. After I finished it, I realized that I could actually generic-ize it and sell customized versions to people.

I've written the app and got a landing page developed. I'm thinking that I'll go two ways:

- Gumroad for a non-customizable Valentines Day app.

- PayPal for a customizable app. This will involve a custom build process for each request, and I'm not ready to automate this process yet via some sort of Ruby on Rails job, since I don't have any revenues. It'll be faster and simpler just to do a custom build and .app ship for each user for a while, I think.

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